DuinoVOX USB Digital Modes Interface

From Kevin, KB9RLW

My home brew USB interface for all ham radio digital modes. Unique in that it uses an Arduino micro controller for the VOX function. This makes it very flexible and tweakable. One thing I didn’t mention in the video. You want to set the playback volume of the interfaces sound card to maximum on your computer. Then use the drive level knob to adjust the audio drive to your rig. This gives the vox plenty of signal to work with.

I intended to include the Arduino source code here, however youtube wouldn’t allow some of the characters in the code!!! Very disappointed, but I understand why.

I put that info on my blogspot blog. You can get the schematic and source code here.


SDRPlay Running 3 Virtual Receivers with SDRuno v1.2

Propagation was quite poor when this video was recorded, but for better or worse, the SDRplay is connected to an 85 foot vertically oriented triangular loop and is simultaneously receiving the AM BCB, 75 meters, and 40 meters. Toward the end of the video, the 3 virtual receivers are tuned to 3885, 1885, and 7290, the 3 AM calling frequencies on 75m, 160m, and 40m. Since Radio China International was sitting on 7285 the 40 meter receiver was tuned there at the end. The SDRplay was set to receive a 10 MHz swath of the spectrum for this video. The SDRplay does a beautiful job receiving the AM aircraft band, the VHF-UHF public service frequencies, the FM broadcast band (in stereo) and pretty much anything you can think of between 10 kHz and 2 GHz.