HB9CV Antenna and Calculator

From Jeff, (VE3COJ)




HB9CV Antenna & calculator… Jeff’s demo for presentation Thursday, September 10, 2015, at the BARC general meeting. For more details on this antenna, please see the following links.


Quadrifilar Helical Antennas

From Chuck (VE3IUO)

I got this from my friend Bob Cutter, KI0G Colorado / SPI, Texas. He is mounting his on his boat trailer.

With the declining HF conditions and the launch of some new satellites I decided to build a UHF/VHF omnidirectional system.



The photos are the UHF unit and the 2M will fit under it.


It is #6 copper and I found these splice blocks that make connection of the coax and loops fairly easy. Here is the construction article I used:

Techie Night August 4, 2015, AllStar Link


Please join us at the East Plains United Church at 7:00pm on Tuesday, August 4th for an evening focused around AllStar Link.  The meeting will be held in classrooms 10/11.  A Google Map showing the Church’s location can be found here:

The AllStar Link network consists of a number of individuals and large (and small) groups of like minded amateur radio operators who wish to provide efficient large-area communications to the Amateur Radio public in their respective local areas. This is done by providing a local VHF or UHF repeater system controlled by a Linux-based computer system running the open-source Asterisk PBX telephone switch platform along with the app_rpt repeater/remote base controller/linking software module connected to a high speed (broadband, such as Cable Modem or DSL) Internet connection.  Building personal repeaters/controllers/bases is also encouraged.

The computer system running Linux/Asterisk coupled with the app_rpt module makes for a powerful repeater/remote base controller capable of controlling many (like up to hundreds, theoretically) repeaters and/or remote bases per computer system. It provides linking of these repeater and remote base “nodes”, with “nodes” on other systems of similar construction anywhere in the world, over the Internet via its IAX2 Voice Over IP protocol. It also, of course, provides for an Autopatch (public switched telephone network access over the radio) on each node (Asterisk is a phone switch after all J), if desired.

The requirements for building your own platform are very modest and require a low cost PC, a USB sound card fob and a 2m or 70cm radio, some soldering if you wish to make your own interface and some time to configure and fine tune the software.

Please join us on Tuesday evening to learn more about AllStar Link.


Look forward to seeing everyone able to make it out!

Jason – VA3VNA

Ontario Hamfest 2015

Ontario Hamfest 2015, Milton, Ontario
Saturday, July 11, 2015
Presented by the Burlington Amateur Radio Club

Special Guest: Greg Jurrens (K5GJ)
Vice President, Sales and Business Development
FlexRadio Systems
Compliments of Radioworld

Visit the site for all the details such as;

General information,  Vendor Information, Ontario Hamfest 2015 Flyer, Vendor Registration, Driving Instructions  and Volunteer Application


March 17th and Techie Night


The program started off with two guest speakers from Access 2 Networks. Jeremiah teaches computers and programming at Sheridan in his spare time. Patrick’s main hobby is building with micro processors and teams up with Jeremiah on projects… at present they are building a 3D plotter for PC boards and also fabricate their own boxes with a 3D fiber printer.


Patrick showed his Arduino micro processor he fitted into a USB housing. Wow! He just inserts it into the PC USB port and programs it. See photos. Also, his Raspberry PI 2 and some projects using them. Jeremiah demonstrated various ways to make PC boards with samples he made. He brought also supplies he used.

It was a very informative evening with a lot of interest.

JpegP1030183 JpegP1030186

Class continued on with our own project… “PC boards the easy way”

Time just escaped us tonight…

73, Jeff (VE3COJ)