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Big Solar Storm & Aurora for New Years Eve

From Dr. Tamitha Skov

The Sun is ushering in the New Year with some big flare activity and an Earthward directed solar storm that should hit Earth by New Years Eve! This means we have a great chance for aurora to heighten our New Year celebration! See details of this coming solar storm in this rebroadcast of a LIVE Periscope video, learn how the storm is affecting GPS, amateur radio, and airline flights over this holiday season, and see what else the Sun has in store!

Solar Storm Forecast 11-12-2015

From Dr. Tamitha Skov

The Sun is keeping aurora photographers busy and amateur radio operators frustrated this week as it continues to rattle Earth’s shield with fast solar wind and Earth-directed solar storms. We’ve had gorgeous aurora all over the world since November 3rd and now we have two more Earth-directed storms on their way. Catch up on the recent activity, some beautiful aurora timelapses, and see how the Sun will affect you this week!

Solar Storm News 10-03-2015

Activity has skyrocketed this week with two magnetically connected active regions that have been popping off M-class flares like paparazzi on the red carpet. We’ve had nearly two dozen big flares over the past few days, which has made radio communications like ham radio very difficult if not nearly impossible. On top of that we have a huge solar storm that was launched away from Earth, but because it is so large, its expected to give us a grazing blow starting October 3 and 4th. Learn the details of the coming storm and see how the Sun will affect you this week.

Solar Storm News 09-19-2015

Just as we thought the Sun was calming down after that big set of solar storms a week ago, we get a new chance for strong flares and Earthward directed solar storms. Region 2415 has been growing rapidly and has launched a solar storm that might graze us on September 20-21. This storm will surely enhance the effects from some fast wind we should be getting around the same time.
See details of the fast growing region 2415, catch up on aurora photos from around the world during last week’s extended storm, and see how the Sun might affect you this week.

Solar Storm Forecast 08-25-2015

The Sun has quickly kicked things into high gear this week with a massive active region that has fired 7 big flares and 3 partly Earth-directed solar storms in just a few days. We continue to wait for signs of the storms to hit Earth and are keeping a close eye for more flares. Catch up on some amazing aurora from the huge storm recently and see how the Sun will affect you this week.

Solar Storm Forecast 08-06-2015

The Sun is showing signs of waking up just a little this week as two active regions in Earth view are growing rapidly. No big flares are in the forecast yet this week, but we are watching closely. A good chance for aurora comes on August 6-8 when the effects from a high speed stream and possibly a glancing blow from a wispy solar storm bumps us up into storm conditions for a few days. Likely aurora will be visible at high latitudes and may reach further down into Canada, the northern USA and the north UK (also NZ and Tasmania). Expect GPS and amateur radio issues in these areas during the storm. Learn details of the coming activity, watch some gorgeous eruptions on the backside of the Sun, and see what else our Sun has in store this week.

Solar Storm Forecast 06-21-2015

The Sun sends multiple M-flares and 3 solar storms our way this week as two regions on the solar disk keep us on our toes. The first solar storm should hit starting on June 22 with the next two hitting on June 23 and June 24. This means we will have strong aurora possibilities through the entire week. However the amateur radio bands and GPS operators will likely have further degradation along with the intermittent radio blackouts they are already experiencing during large flares. In addition, we are experiencing a radiation storm due to a solar eruption back on June 18. This ongoing radiation storm has dropped below storm levels, but further causes issues for amateur radio and GPS operators, especially at high latitudes. Learn the details of this radiation storm and the three solar storms that are on their way to Earth, how they will affect you, and see what else the Sun has in store for us this week.

Solar Storm Forecast 06-11-2015

The Sun has kicked things into high gear this week with a new active region rotating onto the East limb (that has already given us an M-flare since the video was shot) and with a new Earth-directed solar storm that should graze Earth on June 12. See details of this coming solar storm, catch up on some gorgeous aurora pictures from the solar storm last week, and see what else the Sun has in store for us this week.

Solar Storm Forecast 05-07-2015

The Sun has kicked activity into high gear this week with 5 M-class flares and an X-class flare just in the past two days. We also have two solar storms enroute, one which is hitting now and another that looks to hit May 9-10. Catch the details of the heightened activity and how it will affect you, take a look at a the huge scar thats been generating most of our solar storms lately, and see what else the Sun has in store this week.

Solar Storm Forecast 04-22-2015

Increased activity from the Sun this week has us on the edge of our seat as we wait for the arrival of an overdue Earth-directed solar storm. We’ve also had six M-class solar flares over the past 24 hours, most of them from region 2322 as it started to rotate out of Earth view. The other region that shot one M-class flare is on the East limb, but has yet to give us any more big flares. We will get a better look at this region in the next few days as it rotates more fully into view. Although these flares have affected the amateur radio operator bands over the last day, things should be quieting down, until the storm hits.