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HB9CV Antenna and Calculator

From Jeff, (VE3COJ)




HB9CV Antenna & calculator… Jeff’s demo for presentation Thursday, September 10, 2015, at the BARC general meeting. For more details on this antenna, please see the following links.


Quadrifilar Helical Antennas

From Chuck (VE3IUO)

I got this from my friend Bob Cutter, KI0G Colorado / SPI, Texas. He is mounting his on his boat trailer.

With the declining HF conditions and the launch of some new satellites I decided to build a UHF/VHF omnidirectional system.



The photos are the UHF unit and the 2M will fit under it.


It is #6 copper and I found these splice blocks that make connection of the coax and loops fairly easy. Here is the construction article I used:

Stem Students Launch APRS on a Rocket

Students from STEM School and Academy in Highlands Ranch built a payload that was launched on a 25-foot ULA rocket in Pueblo on July 18. From left to right are, ULA mentor Taheem Williams, Bryon Paul Veal of APRL,  STEM students  Alex Gentilucci (front), Gunnar Enserro, Grayson Gerlich and Ari Martinez and instructor/former ULA engineer Jeff Dunker.

Six students from STEM School and Academy in Highlands Ranch built a payload and flew it aboard a 25-foot rocket in Pueblo on July 18.

The payload is a 2-meter, 2-pound Automatic Packet Reporting System beacon that transmits radio frequencies to determine GPS data, elevation, speed and altitude while in flight at 10,000 feet.,193925