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W4SNF Sun & Fun RV resort Club station


W4SNF is a “Club” station operated at Sun & Fun RV resort in Sarasota Florida. We have a complete HF and VHF/UHF station with a Mosley classic for 10-15-20. It is open to any Ham that wishes to use it. A key will be issued when you come on board. . It is also equiped with computers so that digital modes can be used.

All hams in the park as well as a few others monitor 147.390 with 100 PL. That is the repeater of choice for us, which is located about 3 miles from the park. Provides great coverage.

We toured Sarasota EOC, Emergency Operations Center, The $18.7 million replaces the county’s old EOC headquarters, which was located downtown and was not up to currrent hurricane codes. The new EOC houses the Public Safety Comunications Center, the county’scall center, and the Sheriff’s Office 911 dispatch center.

Can you recognize some of the members? Hugh VE3AYR, Mary VE3QLF, John VE3NXA and Gary VE3TGH.

The Amateur Radio Parity Act: Separating Fact from Fiction

Dispelling misunderstandings and misinformation concerning the Amateur Radio Parity Act presently under consideration in the United States Congress.

While this video refers to a political issue in the United States, there are several valuable points being made for amateur radio everywhere.

Thanks to Chuck (VE3IUO) for passing this on.

Time Signal Stations

Some useful information on Time signal stations, from Gary (VE3TGH).

PDF attachment about 29 pages with all sorts of detail.  Covers 25Khz to 20Mhz but misses WWV on 25mhz which occasionally appears on a temporary basis.  Found it after Googling a time signal with callsign BPM heard on 10Mhz using the WebSDR in Holland.  Turns out it was in China.  Starting on Page 4 there are details about the individual stations.

Other interesting links: with sound files  Chinese time service another list  List from 2015, includes WWV on 25Mhz but nothing under 2.5Mhz.

RAC Canada Day Contest 2015


Each year on July 1, the anniversary of Canada’s Confederation, Radio Amateurs of Canada sponsors the Canada Day Contest. Amateurs all over the world are invited to Canada’s Birthday Party on the air.

Please see the following link for all the details and rules.


“All are welcome. If you have never hunted before come to the starting location and ride along with one of the more experienced hunters. There is some spare equipment available so ask one of the regular hunters if you may borrow some equipment to try foxhunting. “

The H.A.R.C. Hidden Transmitter Hunt Schedule 2016