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Broadband-Hamnet MESH network working with Asterisk

Another great MESH video from Chris (VE3SKH)

Running a Broadband-Hamnet ( BBHN ) MESH network at home, I have connected a Cisco SPA525G SIP enabled VoIP phone to a Raspberry Pi running the RasPBX Asterisk software. Then, using a WiFi hotspot connected to the MESH network, I am able to connect my Android Nexus 5 phone and make a VoIP call to it. This project is designed to help the broadband-hamnet community in creating solutions for emergency and disaster preparedness, and separate ham networks. Filmed via YouTube Capture.

New Firmware for the Linksys and Ubiquiti Products!

From Broadband-Hamnet, 3/20/2015

Many Hams were concerned about future Broadband-Hamnet support of the Linksys units; the core team has listened to these concerns and has decided to continue support of Linksys devices.

Broadband-Hamnet has a new release of Ham-oriented data networking firmware for the Linksys and Ubiquiti products!