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CubeSat Telemetry Demo

From Scott Chapman

You can do a LOT of different things with Software Defined Radio (SDR). One aspect that I particularly enjoy is satellite telemetry.

Here is a basic overview showing some of the software options for receiving & decoding telemetry from the many amateur, educational, & government satellites that orbit our planet.

Many computer, SDR, & software combinations work well. In this demo, I was using Windows-7, SDRPlay, HDSDR, Orbitron, UZ7HO high-speed soundmodem, DK3WN AGW OnlineKiss, MXL GroundStation client from Univ. of Michigan, & the Online Telemetry Forwarder from DK3WN & PE0SAT.

We owe great thanks to all the amateurs who have documented each satellite, put their own reception reports online, and written software to make this all possible. The call signs listed above belong to people who have done a great service that contributes not only to our hobby entertainment, but in many cases the telemetry that we all download will be of great benefit to the schools and other organizations who are using data from the growing number of satellites in orbit.

Celestron NexStar hamlib driver for Satellite Tracking

From Eric Grumling WE7U

This is a demonstration of the Celestron NexStar hamlib driver. A few years ago I put in a feature request to the Hamlib project asking if they would develop a rotctl driver for a telescope mount. This week I found out that it had been put out for testing and Stephane, F8CFE had been trying to reach me to have me try it. I’m happy to report that it seems to be working quite well. Unfortunately the weather has not been cooperative so I had to test indoors. I made this video to get the word out so maybe others can test out this easy, inexpensive way to add some automation to their shack.

Build the hamlib driver using the source code here:… (scroll down about 1/2 way down the page for links and instructions). Will work with any telescope mount that supports NexStar protocol.

Amateur Radio lightweight Satellite Tracker

From (name and callsign unknown)

This is the start of my learning process to construct a lightweight cost effective antenna PTZ rotor setup. Currently my learning consists of a mini Arduino board, some large RC servos and Ham Radio Deluxe.

Other related info,

The perfect controller to this project is the K3NG Arduino based Controller.
Here, the full list of the features:  73 de Pu4vlt