Very First HamTV School Contact with Audio – Norwich Schools UK

This is the very first publicly released HamTV school reception with audio. There have been HamTV receptions with audio before, like in 2014 when it was first tested, but as far as I know no school receptions or recordings have included audio.

Not only that, but HamTV has not even been used for school contacts until 2016, and only at UK schools for Tim Peake’s Principa mission. The HamTV audio has never been used because the primary method of communicating has always been the 2 meter FM VHF radio. Additionally, HamTV cannot easily be received for the full 10 minutes that VHF audio can be received.

To work around this there are several HamTV receiving stations in Europe which stream their video over the internet to the school. As one station loses the signal and another picks it up the video is switched, but streaming over the internet introduces a delay which doesn’t match up with the VHF audio. So normally only the video from the HamTV reception is shown and it is out of sync with what the students hear over VHF.

But we can take the recordings and sync them up with the audio and video of the students asking their questions from the school and make a nice video using the higher quality audio from HamTV.

Thanks to Daniel Cussen, EI9FHB for providing the video streams from his station in Ireland and also from F6DZP’s station in France.

Thanks also to Paul Webster, G7KVE, PE7B for the use of some of his audio for the contact. You can see his full reception in Luxembourg here:

This is the official video of the Norwich Schools contact (where I got the video of the students asking their questions):

HamTV was tested in 2014 and there was audio


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