Part 1 – Helitron DV4mini C4FM tests

From Pascal (VA2PV)

Here’s my first tests with the DV4mini. I made a link with 2 sticks between a simplex frequency and my repeater through the Internet. With two sticks I’m able to reach my repeater from any Internet connection without losing any information (data).

This is a great UHF digital hotspot. It’s also the first supporting C4FM. Very promising technology.

Where to buy :

Software download :

The Amateur Radio Parity Act: Separating Fact from Fiction

Dispelling misunderstandings and misinformation concerning the Amateur Radio Parity Act presently under consideration in the United States Congress.

While this video refers to a political issue in the United States, there are several valuable points being made for amateur radio everywhere.

Thanks to Chuck (VE3IUO) for passing this on.

Solar Storm Forecast 11-12-2015

From Dr. Tamitha Skov

The Sun is keeping aurora photographers busy and amateur radio operators frustrated this week as it continues to rattle Earth’s shield with fast solar wind and Earth-directed solar storms. We’ve had gorgeous aurora all over the world since November 3rd and now we have two more Earth-directed storms on their way. Catch up on the recent activity, some beautiful aurora timelapses, and see how the Sun will affect you this week!