Techie Night October 27, 2015

Please join us for Techie Night:

7:00 PM

East Plains United Church
Classrooms 10 / 11
375 Plains Rd East
Burlington, On


We will be working on constructing a multimeter RF Probe project  (I have 10 kits available).  This RF probe is fairly easy to construct and useful to measure and detect RF voltages in the range of 0.25v to 50v at frequencies from DC thru 30mHz.  The probe is designed to plug into a multimeter with an impedance of either 10MΩ or 11MΩ.  Please feel free to bring your own soldering irons, soldering gear.

We we will also be providing free programming clinic for Baofeng / Wouxun Handy Talkies.  Would you like your radio to be setup with it’s optimal settings? Would you like your memory channels populated with local repeater frequencies/CTCSS tones? Weatheradio(NOAA) Weather Frequencies (NoTX)? MURS, FRS, GMRS, or Maritime VHF (for TX must have ROC-M or ROC-MC)?

Jason – VA3VNA


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