Techie Night September 22, 2015

Kickoff for the 2015-2016 Term and a welcome to Newcomers

Please join us at the East Plains United Church at 7:00 pm on Tuesday, September 22nd for Techie Night. 

Our meeting will be held in classrooms 10/11.  



A discussion about some options for some hands on projects for 2015/2016 (heat up those soldering irons!).
A brief discussion about synergy between Techie Night and the new General Membership meeting program moving forward.
An opportunity to “Ask an Elmer”….this will be an open question and answer session with open participation.  Everyone is encouraged to participate with both questions and answers.
Bring in an interesting item or project you would like to share with the group…we would love to hear about it. 

As always, please feel free to bring along any nifty new (or old) technology you think would be interesting to discuss with the group.


Look forward to seeing everyone able to make it out this evening!

Jason – VA3VNA

Solar Storm News 09-19-2015

Just as we thought the Sun was calming down after that big set of solar storms a week ago, we get a new chance for strong flares and Earthward directed solar storms. Region 2415 has been growing rapidly and has launched a solar storm that might graze us on September 20-21. This storm will surely enhance the effects from some fast wind we should be getting around the same time.
See details of the fast growing region 2415, catch up on aurora photos from around the world during last week’s extended storm, and see how the Sun might affect you this week.

HB9CV Antenna and Calculator

From Jeff, (VE3COJ)




HB9CV Antenna & calculator… Jeff’s demo for presentation Thursday, September 10, 2015, at the BARC general meeting. For more details on this antenna, please see the following links.


Time Signal Stations

Some useful information on Time signal stations, from Gary (VE3TGH).

PDF attachment about 29 pages with all sorts of detail.  Covers 25Khz to 20Mhz but misses WWV on 25mhz which occasionally appears on a temporary basis.  Found it after Googling a time signal with callsign BPM heard on 10Mhz using the WebSDR in Holland.  Turns out it was in China.  Starting on Page 4 there are details about the individual stations.

Other interesting links: with sound files  Chinese time service another list  List from 2015, includes WWV on 25Mhz but nothing under 2.5Mhz.