Techie Night, August 18, 2015

Please join us at the East Plains United Church at 7:00pm on Tuesday, August 18th for Techie Night.  Our meeting will be held in classrooms 10/11.  A Google Map showing the Church’s location can be found here:

Tonight’s meeting will be a demonstration and discussion of remote radio receivers and transceivers available on the internet.  There is a variety of radios available online which we can remotely control.  These radios are located all over the world and have a variety of features, band capabilities and modes.  As well as entertainment, these remote radios have a lot of other applications which are very useful to us as amateur radio operators.  We will explore web based, computer based, and mobile based applications which allow control of these radios.

As always, please feel free to bring along any nifty new (or old) technology you think would be interesting to discuss with the group. 

We had a few contributions to Big Box of Parts last week.  For those who are not aware, the Big Box of Parts (BBoP) is a community junk box which we have started for Techie Night.  BBoP will be at each Techie Night, so if you are looking for a part to finish a project or as inspiration to start a new project, have a look in the BBoP.

It has been incredibly hot and humid over the past few days and if it is still unbearably hot, we may want to consider moving the meeting over to the air conditioned Tim Horton’s across the street.  We’ll meet in the parking lot and make a judgement call from there 🙂

 Stay cool!


Look forward to seeing everyone able to make it out this evening!

Jason – VA3VNA


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