Solar Storm Forecast 06-21-2015

The Sun sends multiple M-flares and 3 solar storms our way this week as two regions on the solar disk keep us on our toes. The first solar storm should hit starting on June 22 with the next two hitting on June 23 and June 24. This means we will have strong aurora possibilities through the entire week. However the amateur radio bands and GPS operators will likely have further degradation along with the intermittent radio blackouts they are already experiencing during large flares. In addition, we are experiencing a radiation storm due to a solar eruption back on June 18. This ongoing radiation storm has dropped below storm levels, but further causes issues for amateur radio and GPS operators, especially at high latitudes. Learn the details of this radiation storm and the three solar storms that are on their way to Earth, how they will affect you, and see what else the Sun has in store for us this week.


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