“All are welcome. If you have never hunted before come to the starting location and ride along with one of the more experienced hunters. There is some spare equipment available so ask one of the regular hunters if you may borrow some equipment to try foxhunting. “

The H.A.R.C. Hidden Transmitter Hunt Schedule 2016


First look at the Flexradio Maestro at Dayton Hamvention

An early look at the new Flexradio Maestro interface for flex radios. All in one over wifi touch screen with two waterfalls and physical control interfaces (programmable). Release expected Q4 of 2015. early adopter, like myself, get special pre pricing with down payment. Essentially its a tablet with controls built into one box so you can walk around with the front of a radio wirelessly. K4KRT

Solar Storm Forecast 05-07-2015

The Sun has kicked activity into high gear this week with 5 M-class flares and an X-class flare just in the past two days. We also have two solar storms enroute, one which is hitting now and another that looks to hit May 9-10. Catch the details of the heightened activity and how it will affect you, take a look at a the huge scar thats been generating most of our solar storms lately, and see what else the Sun has in store this week.