March 17th and Techie Night


The program started off with two guest speakers from Access 2 Networks. Jeremiah teaches computers and programming at Sheridan in his spare time. Patrick’s main hobby is building with micro processors and teams up with Jeremiah on projects… at present they are building a 3D plotter for PC boards and also fabricate their own boxes with a 3D fiber printer.


Patrick showed his Arduino micro processor he fitted into a USB housing. Wow! He just inserts it into the PC USB port and programs it. See photos. Also, his Raspberry PI 2 and some projects using them. Jeremiah demonstrated various ways to make PC boards with samples he made. He brought also supplies he used.

It was a very informative evening with a lot of interest.

JpegP1030183 JpegP1030186

Class continued on with our own project… “PC boards the easy way”

Time just escaped us tonight…

73, Jeff (VE3COJ)


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